Anne Marie Zanfagna

Anne Marie Zanfagna’s portraits are a true testament to the power of art therapy. Her heart and soul go into every portrait painting that she does. Inspired after the loss of her daughter Jacqueline to a heroin overdose in October 2014, Anne Marie has taken her loss and used it to fuel her mission to paint colorful, vibrant portraits of others who have passed away from heroin overdose.

Anne Marie is originally from Newburyport, Massachusetts. She and Jim Zanfagna have been married for 33 years. Anne and Jim have one other daughter and two grandchildren.

Anne Marie continues to grow and stretch as an artist, participating in classes at DeClerck Gallery in Plaistow, N.H. Anne and Jim also attend monthly addiction and grief support meetings at Mercy Street in Plaistow, N.H..


For media or speaking engagement requests, or to set up a gallery showing, contact here.

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