Fourteen Angels of Addictions

Anne Marie Zanfagna displayed 14 portraits of Angels of Addictions that she has completed at the monthly support meeting at Mercy Street in Plaistow, NH, last night. Anne Marie’s painting have drawn the attention of the media and she and her work have been featured in few stories in the news.

Display of Portraits

Currently, Anne Marie has approximately 25 more portraits she is working on. Her paintings are form of art therapy, not only for herself but for all of the families and friends of the Angels lost to heroin addiction that she has painted including her own daughter Jackie Zanfagna, who died of an overdose in October 2014.

Anne Marie’s mission is show the real faces of addiction, not statistics. She hopes to garner support for more treatment options and recovery facilities, while lessening the stigma attached to heroin addiction. As Anne Marie’s portfolio of portraits continues to grow, Anne Marie would like to display her paintings where those responsible for passing legislation that would help addicts and their families, will see them, State Houses and the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.